World Snooker Championship Winner

The World Snooker Championship is the most prestigious event in professional snooker. It has been held annually since 1927, making it one of the oldest and most respected tournaments in the sport. Over the years, many great players have graced the hallowed halls of the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England, and etched their names in the history books as world champions.
One of the most legendary players in the history of the World Snooker Championship is Steve Davis, who won the title six times between 1981 and 1989. Davis was known for his impeccable cue ball control and strategic play, and he dominated the sport during the 1980s.
Another great champion is Stephen Hendry, who won the World Snooker Championship a record seven times between 1990 and 1999. Hendry was renowned for his precision potting and his ability to control the tempo of a match.
Other past champions include John Higgins, who has won the title four times and is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time; Ronnie O’Sullivan, who has won the championship five times and is known for his lightning-fast cue action and creativity on the table; and Mark Selby, who has won the title four times and is known for his tenacity and mental toughness.
But it’s not just the multiple champions who have left their mark on the tournament. Many one-time winners have also made their mark, such as Joe Johnson, who won the championship in 1986 as a 150-1 outsider, and Shaun Murphy, who won the title in 2005 as a qualifier.
The World Snooker Championship has seen many great champions over the years, and each one has brought their own unique style and personality to the sport. As we look forward to this year’s tournament, we can’t wait to see which player will join the ranks of these legendary champions and etch their name in the history books.

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World Snooker Championship Winners

Here is the list of winners from 1927 till 2022

1927 Joe Davis
1928 Joe Davis
1929 Joe Davis
1930 Joe Davis
1931 Joe Davis
1932 Joe Davis
1933 Joe Davis
1934 Joe Davis
1935 Joe Davis
1936 Joe Davis
1937 Joe Davis
1938 Joe Davis
1939 Joe Davis
1940 Not held due to WWII
1941 Not held due to WWII
1942 Not held due to WWII
1943 Not held due to WWII
1944 Not held due to WWII
1945 Not held due to WWII
1946 Joe Davis
1947 Walter Donaldson
1948 Fred Davis
1949 Fred Davis
1950 Walter Donaldson
1951 Fred Davis
1952 Fred Davis
1953 Walter Donaldson
1954 Fred Davis
1955 Fred Davis
1956 Fred Davis
1957 John Pulman
1958 John Pulman
1959 John Pulman
1960 John Pulman
1961 John Pulman
1962 Joe Davis
1963 John Pulman
1964 John Pulman
1965 John Pulman
1966 Ray Reardon
1967 John Spencer
1968 John Spencer
1969 John Spencer
1970 Ray Reardon
1971 John Spencer
1972 Alex Higgins
1973 Ray Reardon
1974 Ray Reardon
1975 Ray Reardon
1976 Ray Reardon
1977 John Spencer
1978 Ray Reardon
1979 Terry Griffiths
1980 Cliff Thorburn
1981 Steve Davis
1982 Alex Higgins
1983 Steve Davis
1984 Steve Davis
1985 Dennis Taylor
1986 Joe Johnson
1987 Steve Davis
1988 Steve Davis
1989 Stephen Hendry
1990 Stephen Hendry
1991 John Parrott
1992 Stephen Hendry
1993 Stephen Hendry
1994 Stephen Hendry
1995 Stephen Hendry
1996 Stephen Hendry
1997 Ken Doherty
1998 John Higgins
1999 Stephen Hendry
2000 Mark Williams
2001 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2002 Peter Ebdon
2003 Mark Williams
2004 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2005 Shaun Murphy
2006 Graeme Dott
2007 John Higgins
2008 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2009 John Higgins
2010 Neil Robertson
2011 John Higgins
2012 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2013 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2014 Mark Selby
2015 Stuart Bingham
2016 Mark Selby
2017 Mark Selby
2018 Mark Williams
2019 Judd Trump
2020 Ronnie O’Sullivan
2021 Mark Selby
2022 Ronnie O’Sullivan

2023 Luca Brecel

The World Snooker Championship has a rich history of champions who have left their mark on the game. From Steve Davis’ dominance in the 1980s to Stephen Hendry’s record-breaking seven titles, and more recently, the emergence of players like Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, and Judd Trump. With each passing year, new stars emerge, adding to the legacy of this prestigious tournament.